All i can say is wow! RJ Electric really lived up to my expectations with no exceptions.

With its friendly and helpful staff, they helped me realize my vision for the kitchen in our new home. I
felt that my needs was met, and the best part is that they worked on MY budget!

I would recommend RJ Electric to anyone out there who wishes to work with someone who really understands its
clients needs, and someone you can trust with a personal touch.


After shopping around for a contractor who could work on my new addition to the house, and live up to my standards of excellence i picked RJ Electric.

This friendly and professional company really gave me the most work for my buck. Working on a strict timeline and with very specific guidelines Sam and his staff made this job go as smoothly as one could only hope for.

I must say that this is someone i will use in the future, and i recommend RJ Electric for anyone who is looking for a quality contractor.

To whomever decides to hire RJ Electric for any contractual work, i must say you are in for a treat.

Being a recently married couple we were looking to do some remodeling on our house, and in our situation we
were looking for a cost efficient option without cutting corners.

RJ Electric really came through for us, and my wife and i could not be happier with the results Sam and his experienced staff produced.

Their professionalism and ability to work on our terms really helped us achieve exactly what we were looking for.

Thank you Sam and RJ Electric!

During our remodel, we contracted with RJ Electric to upgrade our home electrical system (electrical panel, interior canned lights,   indoor/outdoor outlets, pool/hot-tub systems, etc).   After reviewing proposals from several contractors, we selected RJ Electric due to price and equally important levels of service.

The project was delivered ahead of schedule and below budget. The contractors were always polite and sensitive to the fact that we were still living in the home while the work was performed and   tried to keep the disruptions to a minimum. I would recommend them to anyone seeking an electrical contractor in the Bay Area.

Eric - Almaden Valley